School Improvement

Alumnis is a trust of interconnected, like-minded schools that see themselves as ‘capacity givers’ and ‘capacity receivers’ interchangeably and understand that every school is constantly reviewing, refining, and improving on their pathway towards excellence. We seek to build a resilient school system that has capacity and can create conditions to keep improving. If the values, collective purpose, and direction of the trust is widely owned this creates a climate of collaboration, revolutionary habits and impressive conduct that secure a dividend that is more self-sustaining.

Continuous School Improvement is the process by which the Trust ensures schools maintain and improve the standard of education that pupils within our settings receive. For school improvement to be fit for purpose at Alumnis it must support and ultimately achieve our Trust’s aim of working together so that children can lead great lives.

Fundamental to achieving this aim is a clear focus on;

School Improvement Capacity

Alumnis Career Pathways