Thank you for your interest in Alumnis Multi-Academy Trust.   We hope that you find the information contained on this site helpful.  Values driven and educationally led, Alumnis Multi-Academy Trust aims to provide first class education and care that allows every child to reach their potential.  It recognises the importance of high quality teaching and learning and operates a robust school improvement system. The ultimate goal is to work collaboratively, supporting and learning from others to improve outcomes for all learners.  Alumnis recognises and respects the unique distinctiveness of each school and its place within the local community.  It upholds and actively promotes the Christian values of its church schools, and seeks to develop in each of its schools, confident, caring, respectful and resilient pupils that are well prepared for the next step of their lives.  Alumnis aims for each of its academies to be outstanding. This means outstanding outcomes for all children; innovative, enthusiastic, well-trained staff that provide high-quality teaching, learning and assessment experiences every day.  Alumnis Multi-Academy Trust aims to contribute positively to the self-improving school-led system in education across this locality.  We are committed to adding real value to the community.  We believe in true collaboration; working in partnership, investing in people and building capacity for long term, sustainable success.  Our academies will need to adapt and respond positively to the challenge of the ever changing landscape and provide a bespoke curriculum that enables its pupils to be able to do the same.

Our name, Alumnis Multi- Academy Trust was chosen as it derives from the verb ‘alumni’ meaning ‘to nourish’.  We believe that education should be a journey that fosters a lifelong love of learning, where every learner is enabled supported and challenged to advance as far as they can in their learning within a respectful and nurturing environment.

We educate for wisdom, knowledge and skills, for hope and aspiration, for the community and living well together and for dignity and respect.  We enable all children to grow spiritually and become independent learners, developing a deep social, moral, spiritual and cultural awareness.  We aspire for our children to become individuals who are well equipped to become responsible citizens of the future.


We are passionate about helping primary and secondary schools achieve outstanding and ensure the best possible outcomes for their pupils through collaborative working. We offer a wide range of services from full federation, through to collaborative working, courses and bespoke training or assistance with school improvement and governance.  Our highly trained Specialist Leaders of Education (SLEs) have experience working with individual teachers, students and TAs, middle and senior leaders as well as whole staff.

At the NDTSA we are committed about developing the next generation of teachers and leaders.

We are dedicated to continue this professional development from NQT and into leadership with a wide range of courses, CPD opportunities and research projects.


Have you got what it takes to make a difference?

In choosing to work within the Alumnis MAT, you would be well supported and have great opportunities to develop.  Our staff work well together within our schools; they are part of MAT wide teams, supporting and encouraging each other to develop and enhance practices.

If you would like to work for a forward thinking Trust that focuses on providing every individual child in our schools with rich, varied and exciting learning opportunities, then we would love to hear from you.